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Hi all,

This site is dedicated to the family tree of Cheddie who came to Saint Lucia as an indentured labourer. After his time as an indentured labourer he choose to remain here.
90% of the content on this site was researched by Richard Begager Shiva-Ram Cheddie (or here in the family tree). He spent a huge amount of time and effort do searches at the Saint Lucia National Archives, the National Registry and also a lot of time visiting family members all over the island to gather info. The amount of information gathered is tremendous but still a lot of data is lacking. If you have any information that can be added to this family tree do not hesitate to contact me at j69ds at hotmail dot com.

How I got involved:

I had a short family tree going back one generation and down one generation, it was online and this is how Richard found me. He dug around till he got a number and called me one evening and from there he sent me all the info he had at that time. I held on to that info for a long while but then decided that I should add it in and create a site for others to have access to the Cheddie Family Tree also. I am married to Filita also a descendant of Cheddie.

Again a huge thanks to Richard for the tremendous amount of work he put into this family tree!

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  • Hello Family! I am doing concerning our family as well, when we came across this site. Thank you! You have my ex husband as the descendant when it should be be??? or maybe I don’t understand the chart??? His name is Curtiss James Atwater. My son is also Curtiss James Atwater (jr).

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      My apologies for such delay in answering you. I will take a look at the info.

  • My name is toye Williams. Emma cheddie is grandmother. I am thé daughter of Bruce Williams. I would LOVE to exchange information with you about Emma Williams. I am on facebook.

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